How to Use Cloudflare DNS

[ March 2, 2018 ]

Step 1

The first thing to do is add your site at Cloudflare. Click on “Add Site” and then on “Scan DNS Records.”


Step 2

Scan for your DNS records. If it doesn’t detect anything you can add them. The important part here is that you want your A record and optional AAAA records to be marked with the gray cloud. This ensures that the traffic bypasses Cloudflare’s network.


For basic setups, I would also recommend adding a CNAME for www that points to your main domain.

Don’t forget to set A Record for your domain / sub-domain to your IP server (If you are our client you will get info about this IP via Email)


Step 3

Select the free Cloudflare plan and click “Continue.”


Step 4

You will then need to point your current nameservers with your domain registrar to Cloudflare. Note: From this point forward you will manage all of your DNS records with Cloudflare. This includes MX records, CNAMEs, etc.


Step 5

Go to the “Overview” tab, click on “Advanced,” and then click on “Pause.” This will ensure that only DNS is being routed by Cloudflare, nothing else.


And that’s it! You are now only using Cloudflare DNS without their CDN or firewall functionality.

Source: Woorkup

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